Swiss Speedgolf Open 2019

5th & 6th October 2019

Golfclub Gstaad Saanenland

An Experience You Will
Never Forget


That’s What's Happening

friday, 4th October

Practice Round, Meet and Dinner-Party

Saturday, 5th October

1st Round

sunday, 6th october

2nd Round & price giving


Everything for an Amazing Event

The 18 hole course (par 70) is situated at 1400 meters altitude and surrounded by a nature reserve of national acclaim. The wonderful 18 holes are charmingly located within the picturesque landscape and it's comfortable climate. Enjoy the stunning views over the Bernese Alps free from traffic or noise. Golf and nature at their very finest!


till 29th September, 6pm


18 and older

Running Distance

7 km with an elevation of 200 meters


Men: White (5'324 Meters)
Women: Blue (4'670 Meters)


Elite, Men, Women, Foursome

Speedgolf Score

Golf Stroke  + Time Taken


First, second and third of each categories

Entry Fee

CHF 150.- including Range balls, Practice Round, 2 Days Tournament, Dinner-Party and Price Giving Apero

Entry List
  • Elite
    • Ronnie Zimmermann
    • Maxime Chastonay
  • Individual Men
    • Georges Baumann
    • Stefan Hofmann
    • Jürg Randegger
    • Marc Lagger
  • Individual Women
    • Britta Uschkamp

Speedgolf is just a faster, more athletic version of golf.

The Essential Rules

The only real differences from traditional golf are the following:

  • Players have individual tee times at 7 minute intervals. Time to complete the round shall be measured from the moment the player hits their initial shot on the first hole, until the moment the ball strikes the bottom of the cup on their last hole.
  • The flagstick is left in when putting (to save you time – you can take it out if you want)
  • Lost balls are dropped on the line of flight of the previous shot with just a one-shot penalty. Standard R&A golf rules apply alongside any local amendments operated on a particular golf course.
  • You can use up to 7 clubs, carried by hand or in a light weight pencil golf bag or other suitable club carrier – golf caddies and buggies are strictly prohibited. It is a tactical decision, more clubs give you greater choice with shots but add weight, so the trick is to find the right balance and this is largely personal preference and also the terrain and elevation of the golf course.
  • Speedgolf does not use Provisional shots, these would prove counterproductive.
    Remember that Bags are set down outside the putting green area and retrieved after the putt is sunk.

All other Standard R&A golf rules apply and local club etiquette will need to be observed; including repair of divots and raking the bunkers.

You can also play Speedgolf in a Pairs or Group format for a more social game. Pairs or groups tee off at 7 minute intervals but must also run together in tandem always behind the ball, in the CH we use alternate shots (foursomes). Pairs is ideal for training with a parent/junior, coach/student combination, or just friends; its your choice. A group format is just great fun, a real workout and a more social challenge.

At the Open Speedgolf Championship competitors are timed from a start/finish line, from where they will run to the first tee to commence play. At the completion of the course players will return to the same point to attain their course time. As with other running disciplines, competitors are allowed to run with a ‘pacer’ who can set the pace to optimise running performance and this is often seen at National and International events.

Clothing and Footwear, Bags, Etc

Clothing and Footwear

Speedgolf is generally played from Spring through to late autumn. As a more athletic golf game, many Speedgolfers opt for Running style trainers, which offer more support or even barefoot style footwear favoured by some marathon runners. Spiked Golf shoes should NOT be worn.

Golfclub Gstaad will expect you to wear golf polo shirts and golf trousers or shorts, the latter is usually a better option since you will be jogging. Sweat wicking material is recommended to absorb sweat and avoid chaffing!

Golf Bags

It is not essential to use a golf bag as some Speedgolfers carry their clubs by hand. The main goal if you aim to use a bag is to keep it as light as possible, so many use a pencil bag or Sunday bag. It’s useful to have a grip and a strap carrying option, so you have more than one option when running to optimise both your speed and comfort.


It is important that you maintain your hydration whatever the weather conditions. We recommend you bring a water bottle that you can use whilst out on the course.

At the Open Speedgolf Competitors are timed from a start/finish line, from where they will run to the first tee to commence play. At the completion of the course players will return to the same point to attain their course time.

Health & Fitness

Speedgolf is a more athletic format so should not be attempted by anyone who has risk factors for cardiovascular disease or other muscular/joint issues without first consulting with their health professional. We advise beginners to ease into it. You don’t have to run; it is fine to powerwalk at first and as fitness improves build up to a jog. Aim to play a few holes of Speedgolf then gradually add more holes – 3, 6, 9 then 12 etc. As with any exercise don’t forget to warm up & cool down and remember to stretch afterwards.

Everyone is Welcome

Golf Gstaad Is Easily Accessible by Car, Train and from Airport

From Airport

Geneva (2h)
Zurich (2h45)

From Train Station

Saanenmöser (5mins)

From Motorway Exit

A6 - Wimmis (1h)
A9 - Aigle (1h)

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«Come up – slow down» heisst der aktuelle slogan von Gstaad-Tourismus.
Anfang Oktober gilt beim ersten Swiss Speedgolf Open eher «Come up – run and play».